Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost was started in the year 1996, making them one of the oldest players in the web hosting business. Such a long time in the business already proves the quality of their services and their high infrastructural value in the industry. Although, a lot of competition has come and gone but Bluehost has continued to provide excellent quality services to their customers. Blue Host boasts of one of the best back-end hardware in the industry with modern quad core processor servers, storage backup, backup power generators, 24/7 technical support, etc.

Here is a review of Bluehost web hosting based on certain criterion:

1. Plans and Pricing

Choosing the plan from Blue host hosting is a particularly simple task; in fact, it is not a task at all since they have got only one plan that provides everything in itself. So, the headache of finding the correct plan is saved with Bluehost. This one size fits all plan offers 1500 GB disk storage space, 15000 GB data transfer per month, one free domain name with unlimited domains hosted under one account, unlimited forwarding email addresses with 2500 POP3 & IMAP email accounts and many more features. The price of this plan is much justified with the amount of service that they provide and the quality of their service i.e $6.95 per month (which decreases as you take plans for longer periods or opt the best available Bluehost Coupon). Also, on shared server, the account is placed on a server containing two quad-core CPU’s, with 4 GB Ram and 750 GB hard drive.

2. Control Panel

cPanel has become the industry standard today in the web hosting world. Blue host provides the same panel with its services. It is very easy to navigate and provides a good understanding of the configuration options. It also offers a great web-based file manager that makes the website pages easy to handle and maintain.

The cPanel of Blue host also provides the fantastico script support. This helps in easy installation of various software packages required for blogging, Content Management Systems, forums, etc. Also, those people, who prefer to load their scripts manually Blue host also provides an excellent support for PHP4, PHP5, PERL5, Ruby, Python, etc. Most web hosts these days offer cPanel as the industry standard. Though there are a few companies that provide customized control panels, Mediatemple is one of them. If you are not a fan of cPanel interface, it is worth checking the control panel that media temple offers. It is simple, easy to use and has everything that you would need to maintain your website. Here is Media Temple Coupon Code that guarantees best discount on their hosting plans.

3. Reliability and Technical Support

The downtime for Bluehost for various reasons like upgrade and maintenance is bare minimum with an adequate amount of warning time provided to the customers. Bluehost provides an excellent technical support in many ways. One way is the amount of online help that is present in the form of various forums, blogs, how-to articles, etc. They would help in 85% of the cases but for the rest 15% of the cases they have got an excellent 24/7 technical support that can be accessed via live chat with the technical staff or by calling technical support phone number.

Concluding from all the above, Bluehost provides an extremely high quality service at a reasonable price. Therefore, we recommend that you consider blue host web hosting while buying a webhosting service. Bluehost offers one of the best value for money out there. Also, there has always been a wave of satisfied customers with Bluehost and it requires a lot to do so for two decades. You may reach the company page with this Bluehost Promo Code link.
Hostmonster is another web hosting from the management of Blue Host. The features and pricing of the hosting plan offered by Host Monster is exactly similar to that of Bluehost hosting. You may consider to buy Host Monster hosting also.

Bluehost Competition

The strongest contenders in the category of competition to Bluehost would be Siteground and GoDaddy hosting. Siteground has been gaining ground in web hosting industry at a fast pace and is overtaking every other host in managed wordpress services space. This Siteground Coupon Code entitles you to almost 50% off on their starting hosting packages. Godaddy was though a slow starter in web hosting industry, it remains the biggest name in domain registration services. Go daddy has lately introduces a hosting plan that you can get for just $1 per month. This plan is the biggest competition presented to the popular web hosts of today. You can get this package and discounts on other domain related products using these Godaddy Coupon Codes. Another web host that has become popular in last decade is A2hosting. For more information on their pricing, features and offers, following this link – a2 hosting coupon code 2019.